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November 22, 2011

Interested in design and color

I love these Peshawar rugs with modern twist on. $25 sq-ft would be a consignment price from wholesaler to early middle man. So not bad, if you want a striking bathroom or entry rug. You will see lesser expensive Peshawar, but this rug might be unique. Sellers information about the rug is accurate. You will need a padding if you don’t put furniture on it. >DURABLE>


4×5 $499

November 16, 2011

What is happening

Hi There,

I am selecting rugs over the internet based on value. For me value is beauty and price. I write short reviews about rugs auctioning and selling on the internet and add link to source pages. At source page, you can see seller’s description of rug, additional pictures and have the option to buy now or bid directly. If you have any questions about any rug please feel free to do so using this blog. I am not affiliated with any of the seller/owner of rugs but I may be with the web site you are visiting through I am going to bring you only rugs that carry the true value. And the decision is yours.
<Hope you will come back for more?


Ps: I will be deleting and adding auctions as they expire. So keep me at your bookmarks if you are in the market for rug(s)