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November 22, 2011

Woww White attack!

8×10 795 free shipping and etc.

What a nice color

it’s a decent quality indo oushak (Turkish Ushak replica made in India)

I wish there were more pictures of it. If you are interested of this rug make sure to ask seller showroom shots of it from both wider ends to see the light and dark sides. It would sell about 1750 to 2000 at a liquidation.


November 17, 2011

10×14 $1940

Attention on these rugs to the light and dark side (?) tone difference. If you enter the auction page 1st picture is light and 2nd picture is the dark side due to nap of the wool. It will have the same effect at your home

Hand Spun wool and special wash makes it shiny, and the touching feel is moderately soft. Retails generally $3000 to $4000 at a rock bottom promotional setting such as going out of business sales or liquidations. Asking price $1946 is tempting for 140 square foot of hand work. Seller offers free shipping. Click here to see more pictures at

Expires: Nov 27, 2011 19:28:18 PST

~good luck